3stones architecture + design was founded by Sean O’Reilly as a studio practice in 2002. Based in Barrie, we are a fully licensed architecture practice that provides full architectural, interior design and landscape design services to this dynamic and diverse region. We work in all scales and all sectors. Our central location provides convenient access south to Toronto, east to Kingston, west to London and north to Huntsville and Parry Sound.

We make architecture that is engaging, distinctive, a celebration of craftsmanship and a delight to the senses. To do this, we collaborate with our client to realize their visions. Our foundation is a strong work process supported by a strong work ethic and a relentless attention to detail. We are also committed to sustainable design. It is embedded in our design process as a deep understanding of passive and active design approaches, which influence the buildings form, its orientation on the site, its structure and finishes.

We design by focusing on our client’s needs and the core activities of the project. We believe that successful architecture must create a meaningful environment for human activity and relationships. We incorporate the site by analysing and understanding its unique requirements. Merging these fundamental elements provides opportunities for expression to create exceptional and inspiring environments in harmony with their surroundings.

Our working method is a collaborative one. On many occasions we have aligned with other architectural firms and consultants including interior designers, structural engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, civil engineers, landscape architects and graphic designers.

We invite you to browse our selected collection of projects and look forward to working with you to transform your vision into reality.