Meaford is a small town located in south central Ontario near the Bruce Peninsula where the Valley of Trout Hollow cuts through the Niagara Escarpment to meet Georgian Bay. The north facing property located on the valley crest has spectacular, unimpeded views up the valley to the west and down the valley to Georgian Bay to the east.

The owners were looking to design an energy producing sustainable house with the use of photovoltaic panels a key driver of the building form. The orientation and slope of the arcade roof has been set to provide the optimal base for the photovoltaic array and solar water heating panels. Most importantly the design was to utilize natural materials and maximize the position and views from the valley crest.

Three separate elements form the design. First is the house whose long axis is parallel to the crest of the slope. Second is the detached garage. Third is the arcade that links the elements. Beginning at the front of the garage it defines the entrance and connects to the secondary circulation axis as it bisects the house before continuing through to the expansive deck overlooking the valley.

Inside the mid-century modern inspired house interior, the skewed secondary circulation axis cuts across the arcade to create a gallery space linking the two separate bedroom wings. This galley also provides the connecting link to the lower level that contains recreation space, valley walkout, private study and mechanical functions. From the gallery the house terraces down the valley, while the sloped shed style roof rises up allowing for maximum daylight harvesting and dramatically opening up the living spaces.