This facility is located in a well established residential neighbourhood of Burlington. The area is relatively flat with a gradual slope of 1.2 meters from the front corner to the lower back corner. A combination of the site, the surrounding buildings, and the requirement for total accessibility of all residents areas suggested a bungalow style design.

The connection with the site is enhanced at the front of the house with large projecting overhangs and a covered front entrance porch to protect those entering and leaving from the elements. At the back of the house large windows visually connect the living area with the exterior open porch. The design was inspired by the Prairie Style with strong horizontal elements composed with vertical features, a stone base, elegant window combinations and craftsman detailing.

Inside, the facility provides a secure living environment for residents with a variety of physical and low risk mental disorders. While meeting requirements for durability and safety, the design also establishes a psychologically comfortable environment for the residents and staff members, by creating a feeling of home achieved through spaces planned and finished in a residential style. Unique to this situation is the empasis on mobility with accessability features throughout. In addition, the initial residents require the ability for the main floor to be subdivided for privacy. This was accompilshed by organizing the bedrooms into two wings off of the living area allowing each area to be closed off.

Photography by: Samantha Dopheide