Osler Bluff Ski Club is located on the Niagara Escarpment just outside of Collingwood, Ontario. It is one of the province’s oldest ski clubs with a colourful and rich history of recreational and competative skiing. Wholly owned and operated by its members, it has developed a campus of buildings to serve its members needs. The focal point of this campus is the main clubhouse, a large modernist heavy timber frame building designed and erected in the 1970’s. As the club has grown and expanded, so have its needs. After extensive long-term planning and strategizing it was decided at this time to focus on the current need for a permanent structure where the members could store their skis, snow boards and snow shoes.

The response to this challenge was to design a single storey building, which could have an additional floor added in the future if needed. The building is located adjacent to the administration and facilities building. This prominent location makes the building a visual focal point upon arrival at the club. In keeping with the long-term design vision of the club, the building is of heavy timber frame construction and provides arrival points and links with the other buildings. Ease of access and and improved flow have had a significant improvement in the skiing experience of the members. The building has 170 racks, which hold 2 pairs of skis each. There is also an externally accessed ski wax room and an internal connection to the previously existing ski storage areas.

Photography by: Sean O’Reilly