Our design approach utilizes three fundamental guiding principles, which are Architectural Integrity, Sustainable Design, and Appropriateness of Design.

Architectural Integrity is the first fundamental principal. It is the cohesive marriage of a buildings form with its interior spaces and its connection to the site. The intended interior use of space often suggests certain design directions for the building form and organization. The unique qualities of each site also provide valuable clues suggesting opportunities as to how the site is best utilized. Our goal is the cohesive union of the interior spaces of the building with the exterior environment.

Sustainable Design is our second fundamental principal. Our approach is to start with non-mechanical design solutions including building form, orientation, natural ventilation and mass. We seek opportunities for natural lighting, daylight harvesting, utilization of earth mass and natural vegetation. Once these opportunities have been fully incorporated we introduce mechanical and electrical enhanced systems where appropriate.

Appropriateness of Design is our third fundamental principal. A building must have exceptional functionality for its intended use. The core structure and building systems must be optimized for the building situation and purpose. The interior finishes, lighting and flow need to be inspiring and enriching and healthy for the occupants. The building and the site must be positive cohesive components of the larger natural landscape and community as a whole.

By utilizing these guiding principals in our design process, we are able to develop highly creative and successful design solutions. These principals also allow us to achieve designs that exemplify the meaning implicit in our name, a successful balance between the earth, humanity, and spiritual wellbeing.

We continue this same intensity and rigor during the construction process to insure the successful transition from the design to the finished built form. We have worked with many contractors within many contractual models including project management and construction management. Our in-depth knowledge of building materials and finishes coupled with our extensive experience with different construction methods allows us to find creative practical solutions to any situation.

Photography By: Dirk Ercken