Located on a quiet heavily forested street, the Rogers house is a recently renovated Cape Cod style 2-storey home with an attached garage. The property is surrounded by forest and very private. The south facing back yard was modestly developed with a grass area and a small, elevated deck accessed by a sliding door off the dining room. This deck was old and in need of repair or replacement. They decided on deck replacement with a lower and substantial deck expansion to compliment their outdoor lifestyle and capable of supporting large social gatherings.

The design began by analyzing the wide range of activities this outdoor living area will accommodate. Everything from use by one person for relaxing and reading to outdoor cooking and dining for both small and large groups. Three distinct areas emerged.

The principal areas are open with direct house access. They include a living/seating area (with a 20 foot long built in bench) and a dining area on one deck. The deck areas are separated by a mature maple tree, which provides cooling shade through the heat of the day. The third area is on a separate deck with an overhead trellis and retractable canopy. The trellis will provide the support structure for a future grape vine. The canopy will provide cover in inclement weather.

The decks are one step above grade anchoring them to the landscape. All of the decks are unified as a whole but within them are suggested smaller areas for comfortable intimate gatherings. The deck’s curved shapes reinforce that unity providing a gentle transition between the rigid orthogonal edges of the house and the more fluid organic edge of the forest landscape.

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