Riverdale Park is the largest public park in Alliston. It is bordered by the Boyne River to the south, Stevenson Memorial Hospital to the west, Boyne Pioneer Museum to the east and a residential area to the north. The original playground was in the north end of the park, however, the playground equipment was very old and rundown, and as a result, the park was no longer used.

In 2000, the Rotary Club of Alliston chose as its 100th anniversary project to rebuild the playground as an accessible children’s playground. This was an ambitious undertaking, which would take 5 years of planning and fundraising. Early in the process, Henderson Playground Manufacturing and 3stones were chosen to work together to develop the design integrating the equipment within the overall park context.

The playground is divided into 3 zones. The west zone is for the youngest children, aged 6 and under, the central zone is for ages 6 to 12 and the east zone is for children 12 and over. The jewel of the playground is a 12 foot diameter aluminum and stainless steel climbing dome – the largest to date in Canada.

The planning of the playground allowed full accessibility to all areas. There are a higher percentage of accessible components in this playground than any other Henderson has built to date. It is also the largest accessible playground Henderson has built. Once completed, it was immediately embraced by residents, revitalizing that area of the town.

Photography From: Hendersen Recreation